How to Make Your House Cleaning Eco Friendly

Does it bother you that you’re not making the impact on the environment that you want to? Are you concerned that you may be falling short in your goals for going green? Maybe you haven’t updated your house cleaning techniques so that they are as environmentally friendly as they should be. You might not even be sure how to do that. Here are our top tips for going green with your home cleaning.

Switch to Green Cleaners

One of the most immediate changes you can make is in the kind of cleaning chemicals that you use. A lot of the standard cleaners are made using powerful toxins that do a good job of killing germs and getting rid of grime but also have a negative environmental impact. You can clean just as effectively with specialized cleaners that are designed to be gentle on the environment.

A lot of cleaning chemicals are already environmentally friendly, so don’t be fooled by the higher-priced versions that claim to be safe for the environment when the traditional ones are just fine to use. We’re talking specifically about most detergents and window cleaners, which are usually made with environmentally friendly components. What you have to be more careful about are floor cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, oven cleaners, and other strong cleaning solutions that contain chlorine, ammonia, or other toxic chemicals.

Reuse Your Supplies

Do you find yourself throwing out a lot of the cleaning tools you use after each house cleaning? Cleaning cloths or rags are often disposable ones, since they are easy to find and inexpensive. You can actually save yourself money by buying reusable cleaning clothes, and you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment. You will be creating less waste when you clean.

There may be other cleaning supplies you can switch out for reusable ones as well. Plastic bottles tend to break down quickly, whereas glass ones last longer and can be used over and over again for years.

Maybe there are some items in your home you could repurpose. Why toss out old toothbrushes after they get frayed if you could repurpose them as fine scrubbing brushes. Toothbrushes are excellent for cleaning inside window grooves and shower door tracks where conventional scrubbing tools cannot reach. Instead of tossing old shirts and bath towels, why not use them as cleaning rags? You will make a lot less waste this way and save yourself some money.  

Consider changing out dryer sheets for something reusable as well, like dryer balls. Wool dryer balls will cost more than dryer sheets, but they do a great job of catching lint and drying your clothes out, and you will earn the value back over time with repeated use. A decent set of dryer balls can last for years. If you want to give them a scent that will be passed onto the clothes, you can add a drop or two of essential oil.

What other cleaning tools are you throwing away frequently that could be replaced with something more durable? Consider this if you’re trying to reduce your environmental impact.

Use Biodegradable Tools

Some of the cleaning supplies you use may need to be tossed out after a while, but have you considered if they will break down in the environment after you toss them or if they will simply add to the landfills? You can do your part to keep the environment looking clean by using biodegradable cleaning supplies, like natural sponges that are made from materials that will decompose when left in the environment for a while. Take time to look into what your mops, brooms, and other cleaning tools are made out of and if you might be more ecofriendly by purchasing something a bit different.

Hire Green Cleaners

If you hire someone to do the cleaning for you in your home, you don’t have to lower your standards for environmental consciousness. You can use professional cleaners that offer environmentally friendly cleaning in your home. Many of these services are already going green or offer an option for green cleaning. If you ask them, they may be willing to switch out their cleaning solutions for ecofriendly ones. If they aren’t, then you can keep on looking until you find a company that does.

There is no need to settle for subpar cleaning services or cleaners with environmentally damaging methods when you have lots of great options these days. It is not just the environment you have to protect, but also yourself and the health of your family, friends, and pets who would be subjected to any toxins left in your home after a cleaning session.

Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions

You might have some trouble finding cleaning chemicals that are environmentally friendly, affordable, and effective. If you’re willing to put in some effort, you can make your own cleaning chemicals at home, and there are tons of guides online that can show you how to make homemade cleaning solutions that are very effective and yet safe for the environment and your family.

You might be amazed how powerful hot water, vinegar, or baking soda can be when you are trying to clean different parts of your home. Simple cleaners you make yourself can be incredibly inexpensive, using basic components that can be purchased anywhere and then safely combined to make effective cleaning solutions. It often surprises people how easy it is to clean using just a few household components.

You’ll need to get spray bottles in order to use some of these homemade cleaners effectively, but you’re still paying a lot less than you would for manufactured cleaning solutions. You also know exactly what is in the cleaner and don’t have to worry about toxins and harmful particles hanging around your house or floating through the air. That can be really good for your peace of mind.

By making these few changes, you can be much more ecofriendly and how you clean your home.

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